Thursday, February 18, 2010

Junk Shopping

I went window shopping on my lunch hour the other day and asked John to buy me this.

I want it really bad and I don't even mind the strap holding the door on, or holding the entire cab to the frame, or keeping the frame up off the ground...... whatever the reason for the strap I can live with it. Maybe it's my seat belt??? He explained to me that since the strap is there it has no window..... yeah so??? It's green and calling my name...... wouldn't I look cute driving around in this. It is surrounded by other junker cars that I had to photoshop out of the background, it's too classy to be lost in the junk yard.

I am a junk lover and if I could load this up in my truck I would have brought it home already.... there is something about rust and vintage that makes my heart beat wildly crazy.


Rita said...

I thought it was a toy at first. Looks something like one of Bruce's old play trucks. Since you need a truck to haul it home, I guess it is a big truck. Good luck getting it home, Connie and yep, I can see you riding in it!!!Strap and all--

Anonymous said...

LOL... you are crazy my friend... but could so see you using this big rig to go on your dumpster diving trips... you make me laugh.

and ps Love the new photo you posted... it captures you!!


Anonymous said...

I think this is fabulous! I can certainly see why you would want it, although I have a passion for old trucks too.