Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hidden Messages

This project is getting the best of me, our house, our garage, my aching arms and hands, my stress level..... I've not cooked or eaten anything decent in the last 2 weeks. My lunch consist of Oreo Cookies and a glass of milk and then supper is a couple handfuls of Sun chips. By the way don't give Oreo cookies that are assembled backwards to a quality girl, where is their quality control department. I'm on my 2nd package and it was the same in both of them, I'm going to file a complaint and expect a 5Y with added control plan checks and an updated FMEA of how this isn't going to happen again..... okay most of you have no idea what I just said.... for those of you that do I'm sure you agree. I can't eat them like that so I take them apart and put them together correctly before dunking in my glass of milk.

okay where was I?

This project has created mountains of sawdust in John's garage and he reminds me daily of how messy it is in there so I left him a message.

Happy Tuesday - Finding ways to communicate without words.


arturlington said...

Your picture is inspiring!

Katie said...

hahahaaa that's awesome. I do the same thing with Ben. The other day I left a pile of folded clean clothes on his side of the bed and as he picked them up he thanked me (sarcastically) for the subtle hint! Either way he got it and the clothes were put away:)

By the way thank you so very much for the cube with the pictures on it. I love it!

Mc Allen said...

soooo great!! its the little things... lol!! cute post. xo LA