Saturday, February 27, 2010

503 Online Photography Workshop

I recently took a workshop over the Internet for photography and it was fabulous. I signed up for the 6 week course sometime in August and finally got into the January class. Of course not the most convenient time for me since I was extremely busy with other things but I couldn't wait to learn from Jessica.

The 6 week course was taught on-line and I learned (I hope you can tell by my photos) so much more than I expected. I changed from Auto mode to AV mode about 2 years ago but haven't been able to master Manual mode. I knew how to shoot in manual mode but didn't understand fully what shutter/aperture and ISO had to do with each other. By taking this workshop I wanted to learn just that "how to shoot in Manual mode and understand it". I've read a lot about when someone finally gets it they have a ahhhhh-haaaaa moment. I had the ahhhh-haaaaa moment the 2 week of class and I screamed it from the rooftops (sorry if I woke you it was late that night). I have been shooting in Manual mode ever since and with all my practice I can even look at the lighting and know pretty darn close to what settings I will need for that perfect exposure.

Now that I've learned it I'm not sure how come it didn't click before that but right now I give all the credit to my teacher Jessica. She has a way of teaching that I grasped immediately. I learned many things about my camera and about being creative in photography in the short 6 week program. I thought learning my camera on-line was going to be impossible but I had to give it a try. I searched for lots of workshops to take and immediately after reading Jessica's site this was the one for me. You can browse her 503 workshop here. I feel that Jessica has taught me things I would have never learned by reading information found on the web. I met many other students and got to learn from all of them as well, it's fun to have a place to go where everyone has the same goal - learning your camera.

I do have to say that I miss the homework assignments and the weekly e-mails from Jessica putting me on my next mission. I took tons of photos before this workshop and Jessica asked us to take boatloads during this time. My camera really got a workout during these six weeks and my brain worked on overtime 24/7. It was so much fun I'd do it again..... if only Jessica would teach an advanced workshop. {hint, hint, wink, wink}
Today Miss Mallory came over for a visit and we had a little fun with her. She is at a perfect age for taking fun photos. As long as she's fed, dry and rested she is perfect for trying new things. She sits up by herself and can't run away from me...... I better take advantage of this time now because after seeing her today I'm sure mobility is on the way.

Here is Miss Mallory letting me practice. We haven't had the dresser in a photo for a while so I decided to put her in the drawer. It was okay until she started to find some of grandma's things in there with her. She's such a trouble maker.

That bottom lip of hers is so pouty....

I seen a photo of Mally a few weeks ago without something on her head (doesn't happen very often) and I seen my little brothers baby picture in her. Not any brother in particular since they all looked the same at this age. She looks just like a Emmerich baby but all this time I thought she was Hemmer.


arturlington said...

When are you going to start an online class? Canon 101 maybe? Hummmmmmmm?

Photos by Julee said...

Connie, sounds like you had a lot of fun with that. I have gotten tons of info on different workshops, classes and even "degree" programs online. There are a couple of workshops I am going to over in the twin cities next month too that I am hoping will be "insightful". Glad to hear they went well....maybe, I will dive into one on there too?!?! I wasn't sure how an online course would be. Glad to hear you liked it.

Lynn said...

Oh Miss Mallory!! Those arms! I can't resist them!! Love the pictures!!

Joan Faber said...

Thought the same thing of Miss Mallory. This was before I read you comment under the picture. Sure looks like and Emmerich.
What a darling.

503 Photography said...

You are much too kind to me. Thank you for overwhelming me with your optimism and energy. You will always be a student remembered. Stay in touch on the forum, okay? xoxo, jc

Angela Harris said...

Absolutely love your shots and it's so incredible the consistency you have in posting a photograph every day! Incredible :0
~Angela Harris

Angela Harris said...

Absolutely love your shots and it's so incredible the consistency you have in posting a photograph every day! Incredible :0
~Angela Harris

Katie said...

Those arms, those hands. One could get lost in all those delicious rolls:)