Monday, February 9, 2015

Fun times.....

Tonight the neighbors came over to look at all the photos that we took and they took.  It was so fun to laugh and remember our fun times.  

We couldn't ever walk around the pool to get a drink we had to walk through the pool to the swim up bar.  Best idea ever....... I was bringing back the drinks trying to swim with my arms up.  

We met some people from Wisconsin on our 2 day, their last day.  We had so much fun with them and have plans for meeting up this summer.  I think they might be good for us....... or not :)

We met others from Wisconsin at the pool that day and they were having a group shot of Mamma Wanna (Dominican Viagra) the guy in front is bring Renae and I our shots.

Drink up!!

The guy in the yellow hat thought Renae and I didn't get one so he's ordering us two more....... Sean face on the right is priceless.... t's suppose to be like Viagra after 3 shots.

After my shots I walked down to the beach for a few photos.  This is the path..... in case you didn't notice there are no people..... we were about the only ones left partying.  

I even got creative.... not sure how with having that much to drink but I guess I knew what I was doing.  

Our new friends Sean and Renae, I miss them already

A little dancing on the boat

Neighbors and Friends forever

Met some more people on our island adventure.... more stories about that later.  More drinking

Jenny trying to protect Johns sunburned head..... she's a little late

This one of Kathy just cracks me up.

No one was sitting in the water until we got there.  They all had their chairs on the sand..... we've done this before in the river.... chairs go right in the water..... soon everyone had their chairs in the water.  

Don't ask...... I'm not sure what I'm doing but it makes me giggle.

Okay Connie much better....

Not for long........ I'm not used to being on this side of the camera and I acted a bit stupid in front of it..... or as John tells Lynn....... you mother was drunk.    Lynn...... "really?"

I'm not sure how I'm going to show you all the pictures without you getting sick of them but I promise I will........... and theirs lots more stories.  I might be planning next years trip already.

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