Sunday, February 8, 2015

A few more favorites

The color of the ocean is so unpredictable, it's green, it's blue, it's blue/green, its so many layers of beautiful colors and then the blue skies make you stand and stare for hours.  Add a white sailboat and I burn up lots of memory cards.......

Our resort was huge, it had several buildings that were close to the lobby, or close to the pool or right in the middle.  We were closest to the lobby but could see the ocean looking straight down all 3 buildings.  I ventured up to the building closest to the ocean one afternoon when I filled up a memory card and had to take a walk to the room for another one.  This view is amazing with the dark hallway.  

Then this is the view looking out that opening.  Our two favorite places..... the pool and the ocean.  We would wake up, walk the beach, head to the pool, eat a little breakfast, head to the swim up bar, soak up the sun, head to the swim up bar, soak up the sun, walk the beach, soak up the sun, swim up bar, soak up the sun on the beach, swim up bar, soak up the sun at the pool, swim up bar....... oh yeah we should eat lunch...... more sun, drinks, beach...... repeat, repeat, repeat...... until the sun went down.  It's was tough to do everyday but we managed pretty well.

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