Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Up North = Neglected Flower Beds

A few years ago a house with beautiful flower gardens that I drive by everyday was starting to look a little weedy, there just wasn't the attention to them like I normally seen from her.  I started to worry about her, I told John she must be sick.  He of course thought I was crazy and he thought her flowers looked just fine.  The next year it was worse and the house became empty and the flower gardens became homes for very tall ugly weeds....... I feared the worst but we found out a few months later that her and her husband were getting divorced so she no longer cared to take care of her flowers.  

If you drive by our house...... we are not getting divorced and I am not sick.  Everything is just fine, however I do too many side jobs with working full time that I cannot weed my flowers like they should be.  After our Jazzed Up Junk sale I got to work on the back flower bed first, it might not be the worst one but it is the one in the sunshine after work.  

Of course I am not going to show you the before, I said I was busy not crazy.  

We have not mulched the beds since I was laid off and that was 5 years ago..... they needed it super bad, reason for the weeds.  Here is one shot of FLOWERS - no weeds.  We also got our pond going, yes I know summer is almost over, no speeches!!

I bought a bike from an action like 4 years ago and John thought the seat was worth selling on Ebay, yep he was right, we got more money for the seat than we paid for the whole bike..... but now my bike has no seat and we cannot find one unless we pay more for it than we bought the bike for.  Yep super dumb move so an upside down water can will be my seat so I can finally get this bike out of the garage.   And yes garden shed needs to be painted but that will come.  

Pink Cone Flowers are probably my favorite flower and I have tons of them.  I even throw them away by the wheelbarrows full. 

Another problem I have with getting work done at home is going up north.  

Summer - Up North - Water - Relaxing 

Our turtles are back again this year.  I braved a walk through the river with my camera to get a closer picture of them.  Didn't realize the water got so deep and I was too far in to turn around.  Camera is up above my head and the water is above my chest and I'm walking in the current.  Thank goodness it got shallow again just as quickly as it got deep.  

Turned around to get a shot of where I started from.  

When not on the kayaks or pontoon we are sitting right here.

I got one close up of the turtles before the jumped in and of course then I freaked that they might swim over to me.... I quickly turned around and headed back, up current this time, water to my chest and camera held above my head.  Okay so when I told you I wasn't crazy.... just maybe I am.

Up North = Neglected Flower Beds

 I've taken actions to slow down on working.  Life is too short to work days, nights and weekends.... I will get them cleaned up, and it's become far less stressful.  

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