Friday, August 15, 2014

Brianne's Senior Portraits

Senior season is happening right now and I couldn't have been more honored to take Brianne's photos.  She is a beautiful girl from inside out.  She has a kind soul and loves her family to pieces.  So nice to spend time with a teenager who respects everyone and everything around them.  

I will let her protraits speak for themselves.... 

Momma likes smiles but I like a little serious every now and then. 

She had climbed out on the rocks and was waiting for me to set up my shot and I captured her out there just thinking about the moment.  We had just shot a few of her with her uncle Brian's guitar, his memory will live on in her heart forever and she held that guitar just like he had his arms around her teaching her how to play.  A special moment for her and her mom.

Another one of Uncle Brian's guitars

Another shot Bri wanted was with Uncle Brian's Harley, here is her a bit edgy while glowing in the sunlight.

There are so many more that I could have chosen for favorites to show you.   

I had a fabulous time with both Bri and her mom, hope you all enjoy her photos.

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Courtney said...

love these! darn Cherokee, gets me every time. and the light!!! amazing :)