Thursday, August 7, 2014

Emmett 6 months

After a very short month of July I'm back at it.  A few sneak peeks to start August and many more to come as we head into Senior season.  But first we have Mr. Emmett to show off, he's 6 months already and growing into quite the little charmer.  

When he was newborn he was so tiny that he fit inside this frame so I brought it along to see how he's grown...... well he didn't really like my plans for it so I opted to just get him and the frame in the same photo.... maybe at 9 months :)

This little family is so gosh darn cute....

All the love that this mommy has for her two boys is more than any mommy I know.  She loves these boys to pieces and I seen many tears over the years when she misses them during the day. 

Love is meant to be shared.....

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