Monday, August 25, 2014

Family Up North

A few weekends ago we had a few of the Hemmer's up north.   I didn't remember to grab my camera very often which I'm kinda sad about, but then I was there for the moments and not hiding behind the camera all weekend.

Adam and Jr liked the view while they snuggled before nap time.

After a fabulous lunch we spent hours playing Giant Jenga.  Everyone gets to play no matter how young or old.  Grandma Great didn't play but she loved to watch and I think she even got a bit nervous with some of the dangerous moves her boys tried.

This one didn't take long to be over....

We had rain showers off and on so our fire pit wasn't occupied much that day.  Garrett decided to swing all by himself.  

On one of Ken's turns he knocked the stack over but he caught it and stood it back up...... totally called that cheating, so here he is using only one hand.

Adam is pretty good at this game, he takes risk and he pulls these out even when they aren't loose.

Ed on the other hand was having troubles so he grabbed the broom and started using it like he was shooting pool.  

If you can't get it out from one side go around and try the other side.

Notice the leaning tower and how someone tried to help it by putting the orange one as far left as they could.  

A few of us went kayaking and tubing down the river in the afternoon.  Quite the experience that was, low river resulted in a really slow float.  Elly came with us and when I needed to get her back I put her on top of my kayak on the back and her tube on top in the front.  I'm paddling and paddling and seem to be just dragging and then she says.  Grandma my feet are like the motor and making waves back here.   URGHHH she was dragging her feet, silly girl.  She picked them up and wow what a difference.  

It was a great weekend and really fun to spend time with everyone who could come.  We'll have to do another weekend in the winter.  

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