Thursday, July 10, 2014

More Cottage Pics from the 4th

 Lynn and Jesse came up for Sharon's visit and then since Jesse is off work they decided to stay with us for the next couple days.  They pulled their camper up and Miss Melanie Mae is 10 days old and on her first camping trip.  She was perfect.

Mallory loved the dragon flies so I had to keep taking their picture too.

We had another visitor one of the mornings.  It was a Luna Moth.  

And of course I thought he was cool too.

They have no mouth and they only live for 7 days.  Amazing moth to see and be able to document. 

We had a few games of giant Jenga with the kids. 

One amazing cloud across the river during sun set. 

Our Luna again another morning.

Miss Melanie did a lot of sleeping and snuggling with Grandma

In the morning you will always find Jesse and Maggie sitting down by the river taking in the beautiful view.  

Max and Mally love to throw sticks for Maggie to fetch.

I had about 50 shots of Maggie shaking off the water but I'll spare you and only show you a couple.

Finding a frog

Lynn, Jesse, Mally, Max and John all went down the river one morning while I spent time with Melanie. 

In about 1 minute I could be by one of the bridges that they would go under and 15 minutes later they make it that far. 

What great memories for the kids to have.  

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