Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jazzed Up Junk 2014

I haven't talked much about Jazzed Up Junk or taken many pictures but it's still happening and it happening soon.  This Wednesday July 23rd starting at 4:00 till 8:00.   

A few weeks back I was contacted by a girl to do a interview for a local paper for the Jazzed Up Junk sale.  Of course Jeannie and I were all for that and it came out in this weeks paper.  The text messages, phone calls and people that we seen all weekend commented on how nice the article was.  The girl came with a camera and a notebook but she didn't write anything down.  I'm not sure how she wrote that article on memory but she did a dang good job.  

Like I said not many photos have been taken but Jeannie and I did set up a small sample of things for the gal's interview and I took some with my phone.  

This weekend I was pricing and lining everything up to haul over to Jeannie's on Tuesday.  Half the garage filled and still lots more to go.    I love to see the colors together and all the pretty stuff in one spot.  

Remember my Annie Sloan Red Paint that I bought way back when I went to Junk Bonanza?  Well I cracked it open and painted that tall dress, bar stools and the chair in the back.  The chair in the back I painted the leather, yep painted it and it's fantastic.  I might be hooked on that paint, good thing they don't sell it around here. 

Come check us out this week, there is plenty of stuff to make everyone happy with a fun colorful new piece of furniture in their house.  

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