Tuesday, July 1, 2014

5 Days Old - Melanie Mae

You waited long enough and it's finally over.  Melanie Mae had some newborn photos taken.  Yes I know that was such a long time to wait but Grandma has to work and I had to give mommy some time to rest after her hard work of having this little miracle baby.  

When Mally heard it was picture day she headed for her room and came out with her pretty picture dress on.  She was not going to let Melanie steal the show without her.  So while Melanie Mae was eating her and I tested my lights.  I love her hair being all messy, it's so Mally.  

I have been loving burlap and lace and Lynn didn't want me to use all my ideas on other babies before her's got here.  So when I got home from work I whipped up this little bonnet for pictures and Mally helped me try it out.  I asked her to not smile and I get this....... 

Don't feel sorry for her she's not one bit sad, it's all pretend and she's dang good at it.

Now for the new baby girl...... Miss Melanie Mae

She does a lot of smiling and no it's not gas. 

I know one of these will be printed huge and hung in Lynn's house...... because I will be ordering it tonight!!

Melanie Mae is such a good baby already, she sleeps 4+ hours at night and is very content when she's awake.  The nurses joked with Jesse in the hospital about sleepless night and Jesse said.  Miss Melanie hasn't dealt with the Frey schedule yet.  The nurse laughed and said good luck and Lynn said she will be on my schedule soon, that's just the kind of mommy I am.  

I think Mommy won already :)

Jr was over tonight to meet his little cousin and he looks like such a big kid now.  It's amazing how little babies are and how quickly they grow.  

This little peanut is a blessing to our lives and has already crawled into our hearts along with 5 others.  

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