Thursday, July 10, 2014

Family Visit Up North at the Cottage

For the 4th we spent 7 days up north at the cottage and loved every minute of it.  Kayaking, sitting in the water, family, games, camp fires, cheeseburgers, garage sales, 4 wheeling, you name it we packed it into our time up there.  On Sunday my sister Sharon and some of her family were home so we the family gathering at the cottage.  I think everyone who could make it had a great time.  

We took one group up the river to kayak down to the cottage.  Rachael, Ellen, Gayle, Jarrod, & Sharon were all ready for their trip.

Starla did a few paddle lessons while they were still safely on the ground. 

Gayle was their guide and everyone did great.

It takes 4 minutes to drive to the drop off point and 55 minutes to paddle back.  Here they are coming around the bend by the cottage. 

While they were out a tough game of giant Jenga was being played.  There are lots of ways to play this game.  Starla drops the block on the top and hopes it doesn't fall.

  Wally studies it from a far and while it's his turn trying to "see" the block that is loose.  

View of the fun happening.

Jesse takes chances and sometimes they work and............ twice in a row they didn't.  (there was a point when he wasn't getting picked on anyones team)

Sharon did the pull and pray method.

Gayle, Rachael, Mally and I went out again for kayaking.  While we were goofing around Mally and I were next to Gayle and she grabs a branch from a tree and that branch flipped her right over into the water.  At that spot the bottom was gross and she's screaming and flopping around to get back into her kayak.  Poor Mally was shocked and I laughed and laughed at her.  She gets back into her kayak with about 3/4 of it full of water.  She had to paddle back to the cottage.  Mally thought she could catch fish inside her kayak.  Jesse and Gayle trying to empty it out.

Jacob and Melanie sharing Melanie's bug tent.

Max was pretty good at the game.

But he played the "I'm to short" card.

Mally and I coming in from our ride........ dry as a bone!!

Jarrod thought he could master this game.

And Barb LOVES this game (not really but we force her to play it and she complains the entire time)

Rachael does the pull fast drop it on the top and run like hell method.  And it worked!!

I do the knock on every board to find the loose one just waiting to be pulled out.

And Elly totally had to chance, I'm not sure how Rachael and I managed it. 

My sister Sharon and her grandson Jacob

The day was memorable and I can't wait for another family gathering.

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