Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Engagement Sneak Peek

 Had a very fun engagement shoot with a girl I have known since she was a little girl.  She has become a beautiful young lady with a very special man in her life.  Well there's actually 3 special men in her life but those two rugrats were spending time with grandparents whom they do not get to see very often.  The wedding is in May of 2013 and while they are back home the planning has begun.... 

Keisha loves sepia colors so here is the first photo in sepia just for her.  What a beautiful girl!!

I liked this light effect

Keisha gave me lots of ideas via. Pinterest..... gotta love that Pinterest and I am always thankful when they come with ideas of their own.  If they love the pictures they pin on Pinterest they will love them even more when it's them.   Billy was so funny during these photos, he was a good sport and made me laugh out loud many times.

But when it was time to love his fiance' he stepped right up and treated her like the queen that she is.

I'm normally not a far away girl but I love this one for some reason.

Be careful when you asked them to remember their first date...... the stories include cars in the ditch, burnt food and lots of other things that shouldn't have included a second date.  Nothing better than two people in love absorbed in themselves as the camera captures the moment.  

The best part of the kiss is what happens before...... 

Thank you Keisha and Bill for such a wonderful time and the drinks after.  I sure had a good time and I hope it's not too long before you visit again.  

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