Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bumble Bee Girls - Sneak Peek

These cute little bumble bee girls were here for a fun photo for their Grandma.  These girls were so cute and quite the challenge for me and their moms.  The littlest Miss V did not want to cooperate with anything so we had to contain her inside a basket along with goldfishes.  As long as there were goldfishes she was happy.  We had a hard time getting all three girls to look at the camera, but these shots still make me giggle.

The oldest Miss J was a poser but to get the other two at the same time wasn't happening.  We finally got Miss V out of the bucket without running away but there are goldfishes by her side (can you tell).

Them middle girl Miss G loved her sucker auntie gave her and wasn't wasting anytime eating it.

Here's a smile from Miss G

and a little mischief from Miss V

Miss J and Miss G hanging out waiting for Miss V to join them.  

More goldfishes and she's in.....

I had so much fun with these girls and Grandma wanted her true granddaughters...... that's what she got.  Before they left they had a little tea party on my grandchildren's table.  They loved it and spent a lot of time eating more fishes and drinking tea.  

I'm thinking their grandma might be finding a table and chair set along with a tea party set.  Kids love to play tea party outside and making mess is what's it's all about.

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