Tuesday, July 17, 2012

199th INF Reunion

It was an honor to be asked to attend the 199th INF Reunion that was held this year in our town.  These men shared their young lives together in ways we cannot imagine.  They came home from war, picked up where they left off, got married, raised children, welcomed grandchildren into their lives and then one day they decided to find each other again.  This is when the reunion began and these guys are very close and look forward to the next year that they can talk about their time in Vietnam.  

Bill and Anne were the host for 2012

Here are the 199th INF Men

And their spouses

One man from their unit did not come home with them.  A memorial was in place in his honor

His family did attend and had their photo taken with the rest of the guys

All the Veterans that were there

Two special guys from the area honored the 199th with memorable gifts

The Veterans were more than grateful for everything they were given, everyone that came to see them and just for the company.  

This photo shows just that, a small token of thanks for everything they have done for our freedom.  
God Bless

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