Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sock Viewing 2015

My sister Sharon made mom Christmas stockings one year.  Mom loved them, she made a few herself with each new grandchild.  The last stocking she made was Adam's.

The many grandchildren that came after Adam were made by my sister DiAnn and Sharon even made a few more. 

When we went through mom's things after she died this was one of the items we couldn't break apart. We could have given everyone their stocking and it would have been done.... but that's not the kind of family we are.  We stick together through everything aannnnnnddddd we love reasons to get together.  So the tradition was made.  The stockings travel through all of us and the year you have them you have to invite everyone over for a sock viewing.  

This year was Wally's turn.  This is the second round, first round was 12 years and then Wally is number 6 so 18 years of sock viewing. 

My stocking is getting quite full.  

The spouse is a tiny sock on the toe.  The grandkids have their own stockings and their spouses are a candy cane, their kids (great grandkids) are a smaller stocking that hangs from their toe.  I'm not sure what will happen when those stockings start having spouses and great, great grandchildren..... 

There are 89 family members represented in these stockings....... +1 that was forgotten :)  Correction will be made by DiAnn I'm sure before Christmas.  

My dad and Joanne did come for the sock viewing even though they had a busy day. 

Elaine also had all her Father Christmas's displayed.  We used to exchange a father Christmas because that was one of mom's favorite things to get at Christmas time.  We haven't done that for many years but with that collection you can see we did it for MANY years.  

Dad and Joanne with Wally and Elaine.  

Wally and Elaine did a wonderful job displaying the socks and being great hosts.  Such a wonderful day with family.  

The pine cone wreath was also made by my mom.  Elaine got it out after many years in storage.  Now I need to send John up in the attic of the garage to find mine.   I remember the year mom made them, she made one for each of the girls.  This was even before Pinterest...... crazy huh?

Happy Sock Viewing day to everyone.  

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