Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Andee is 3months + a few

Little Miss Andee Lea is 3 months + a few... She's been a busy little girl and finding time to fit Grandma in her schedule for cutesy photos for the 3 month milestone has been tough.  However grandma taught her a little lesson and picked her up one morning to have some grandma snuggles and get a few photos.  She continues to be a very good girl, she rarely cries and her big blue eyes melt my heart.

Instead of going through a lot of work I just set up a little blanket in front of the south facing window on a cloudy day.  Perfect lighting for little Andee

Oh My Gosh isn't she just cute?

This set up gives you amazing catchlights.  When I put this fur around her face I got one shot and it was cranky city.  She is not about the girly stuff and Grandma crossed the line.  

A little sparkle since it's the only one.  

We only got like 24 photos but she is an amazing little girl and taught me something.... taking the time to spend one on one with her for the milestone pictures was great.  I may need to do this with each of the grandchildren.  

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