Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Trees

I've heard many stories from my sisters about a white nylon net tree that my mom had.  It was something you had to assemble every Christmas and the older sisters got that task.  I was probably in their way and stealing pieces they needed.  After so many years of this tree being in the daylight and being assembled it rotted and became un-useable.  My sisters were sad, I didn't know any different.  They researched a few years ago and found a pattern to make them.  I'm still not interested.....  

This summer we had a reunion and my sister Sharon had nylon net trees to action off.  John has no idea that I know nothing about them, I'm not sitting next to him and he hears family memories of the tree and he bids until he buys me one.  So sweet

BUT I know nothing about this tree...... after 2 hours swearing like a sailor, reading directions (if you know me, you know I don't read directions) requesting a drink, calling my sister to vent, throw the whole thing across the living room..... it's up.

I changed to white curtains..... why do they put the tag on the curtain so you can see it.... are they like pillows where someone will come arrest you if you remove the tag?

Second tree is our real tree.  So many years we drove out as a family and found the perfect tree, drug it in the house, it's a mess I'm allergic to it, Lynn is worse than I am, Adam isn't to far behind Lynn but a real tree is what they want so we get a real tree every year.  

The kids have been gone for years and we still keep getting a real tree, this year I made the decision to buy a fake tree.  Our tree hunting has always been stressful and finding the days to buy it, thaw it, put it up, decorate it were few and far between.  I haven't really enjoyed the tree shopping days.... they always look smaller in the tree lot and then you get it home and it takes up half the living room.  with our new carpet the last few years the tree has been in the dining room and one year we couldn't even decorate it the needles were falling faster than I could keep up with.

So John and I head to the store to buy a tree.  We circle them over and over again complaining about the price and we finally decide on a nice skinny tree.  I seen so many people back in that section of the store that I was constantly distracted from our tree buying process.  John grabs the tree box and off we go.  

We get it home and I'm ready to set it up.  I make a small little skinny spot by the patio door for it.  The bottom 3rd of the tree in my hand and I drop it into the stand.... the branches fall down and hit me in the head, they hit the couch and I have to move more furniture..... this tree is huge.  Just like when the real trees look smaller in the tree lot.  I look up the tree on line and this is NOT the tree we wanted.  John of course says to keep it, I say NO and pack this sucker back up and take it back to the store to exchange it with the correct tree.  

We need a cart to bring this sucker in the store, I didn't know fake trees were so gosh darn heavy.  The lady at the service counter says to go find the tree we want.  We take another cart and head back to the trees.  Yep sure enough John just grabbed the box from the wrong row of trees.  We throw the tree in the cart and off we go back to the service desk.  She's scanning and punching buttons and scanning and it's taking quite awhile for this whole exchange process since they are not equal value.  

I am chatting with John and just happen to say "I wonder if the lights are cool or warm"  I look on the box and it says MULTI...... "what this isn't the tree I want...... STOP this is not the tree I want"  The service lady says "SERIOUSLY"  John says "SERIOUSLY" and I say "SERIOUSLY".  I walk back to the trees and grab a box that says CLEAR.  Remember these trees are heavy and I didn't take a cart with me.  I carried and drug and pushed that box all the way up to the service counter.....  "this is the tree I want" and the service lady says "are you sure" 

We brought it home and I put it up....... I love it and we shouldn't have another tree hunting story for many years.

By the way - the clear lights on a tree are warm.  I would rather have cool but John wasn't about to go tree shopping again.  

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