Sunday, June 2, 2013

Normal house for the kids

Many, many years ago we remolded our kitchen which involved tearing everything down to the studs, ceiling, floor and walls for most of the downstairs.  The kids were pretty little but we managed by cooking in the garage, doing dishes in the bathtub and sleeping in drywall dust.  

Well now it's Lynn's turn to find out just how much fun remolding is.  Her house is worse than ours was and her kidos are much younger.  The kids have been doing well but with the rainy weekend that we were to have they decided to come spend it with us in a normal house.

Max was taking a much needed nap after his week of trying to sleep in the camper.  Mally came into the kitchen and whispered for us to come here..... come here.... we asked why and she just had big eyes and said I have to show you something.  When we finally listened to her she was amazed with the orange bird right outside the window.  They are really pretty so I can't blame her for thinking it was something everyone should stop what they are doing and come look.  

Before church they had some time to play toys and these kids "love" to play toys.  Maxwell is all about his tractors.  He has to hook up a wagon and then has to haul something in it.

Mallory likes to play with the tea set.  Elly was the same way, she would spend hours playing with it and so does Mally.  

After they all left the house felt very quiet and empty.  We had to run up north for a couple hours and when we got back this is the first thing I seen.  Miss Mally loved carrying around this little bird.  His name is Rocket, she must have thought Rocket needed a perch at Grandma's house until she comes back.

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