Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kala and Gerry's + E-pic sneak peek

Our weekend up north finally worked to get in Kala and Gerry's engagement pictures.  The day was perfect except for the skeeters.  Thousands and thousands of them so a change in plans once again.  Our location was going to be in the woods since this is where Kala and Gerry like to spend most of their time 4-wheeling.  So we met in town and the locations couldn't have been more fun.  So refreshing having new locations.

Kala has lots of fun ideas planned for her wedding and is doing everything herself with great help from family and friends.  Since Kala loves fun I couldn't resist the bubbles I happen to have with me.  Gerry loves this girl and everything she does and you can so tell in this photo.

Lots of horns beeping while we were in town.  Kala had a hard time getting used to this but by the time  we were done she was thinking it was kinda cool as the 20+ motorcycles went by beeping and it's not even the wedding day yet.  

Kala and Gerry love their fishing as well so this painting was a must.

We did do a few shots in the woods with the 4 wheelers and after 500,000 bites for each of us in the first 2 minutes we made it very quick.

So not fair they got to speed away from those bugs as I stood there and got eaten.  

Thank you Kala and Gerry, it was a great time and don't worry about the skeeter bites they don't bother me.  I'm pretty lucky that mine disappear by the next day and never do itch.   

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