Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby A getting too big

Baby A is getting so big, he's into smiling and talking back to you.  He is the happiest baby ever, he can just lay all by himself and be so content unless he's hungry.  

I wonder how long I can call him Baby A?

Last time I got to see this little guy his Auntie Shannon was snuggling him.  She is the baby whisperer of the family and loves to get her snuggles in when she can, and that includes not sharing.  So tonight no Shannon to share with :)

Love this little face

Adam and Monica bring the dog over too.  He has to stay outside but he lays right in the patio door so he can see both Adams.

Adam thought he needed to take Chunk's picture which he got through the glass and screen, I'm not sure how..... pure luck    (see story below)  

And this is why I don't have any pictures of myself.  Adam tries to take a picture of me and Baby A.  

Doesn't know how to focus the camera.... blurryness

I talk him through that and then he doesn't know how to shoot in Manual.... too dark

I talk him through putting it in Auto and we finally get a picture of me and Baby A.... 

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