Monday, January 2, 2017

New Photo Student, Circles and Sledding

So my dad tells me on Christmas...... "you haven't updated your blog lately".  Yes I know dad, I've been busy.  He now knows how to check on my blog by himself so he's always looking for updates.  So during this downtime in photography I might not have too many interesting things going on {that I can tell everyone } but I'll try to keep dad updated with some fun pictures and stories.

During the kids break El and Garrett came over for a couple days.  Even though we went to work we still got to spend time with them after.  El has been wanting a camera like mine for a while and whenever she can pick mine up and haul it around she does.  SOOOOOOOO I happen to have a spare camera in the closet that I never use and probably won't ever use so why not let her use it.  But that means teaching her how to use the camera in manual mode.  

She learned week 1 of my 6 weeks and I'm not sure if it's her teenager brain but she totally got it, took notes and could repeat to me what she learned.  She had to do homework that night and the next day and she was spot on.  I didn't get to download her photos but while I was teaching her this is what was in front of our lens.  

She got super excited when she found out you could blur the background by changing the settings on the camera.  

I've been sending her challenges just because winter is kinda boring and it's hard to get out and take pictures.  So this weekend I told her to take circles and I told her I would do it too.  I even made her go outside...... forshame!!

These are mine.

I can't wait to see hers and teach her week 2.

This weekend we spent it at the cottage.  It's been a bit since we've spent time there and it was a great relaxing weekend.  I love the colors of winter and when the sun comes out it's even better.

After our morning walk I decided to blaze a sledding trail down the hill.  The kid in me will never grow up.  My first pass stopped on the flat part of the hill.

Then I asked John to take pictures for me...... I think he might need to take the photo classes with El.  

Even though they are blurry I still love them, there's kinda a artistic mood to them.  

I flung myself off because I didn't want to head towards the trees and that is exactly where I was going.

Oh sure now he's in focus.....

These are much better

heading into those trees again....... 

Fling yourself off or the trees will stop you.....

The next day John shoveled the bad path closed and I had another one down to the river...... after 500 times up and down that hill I still head for the trees and bail off every time.  Over night the path got hard and icy and FAST....... not kidding when it's time to bail off you do a few flips in the snow, a few times I made it down to the river and bailed off before seeing if it's froze.  

Our view for the entire long weekend........ perfect way to bring in 2017.

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