Friday, January 20, 2017

busy week frosty weekend

It's been a week since I took these photos but life is busy..... it's busy for everyone, why and when did we fill up our lives with STUFF.  Lots of stuff that keeps us running every night and just when I think I can work on something that I've been slacking in {like my grandkids blocks, you don't want to know how far behind I am on them.... like Melanie, Andee, and Caiden don't even have any, that far behind, but....... those that aren't related to me are done.  Bad Grandma} and then my weeks become consumed with STUFF.

This week consisted on 2 meetings, 1 paint class, watching g-kids, and now were back to the weekend.  So let's see what happened last weekend out our windows.

Below zero temps, frosty trees and foggy mornings.  As soon as John opened the curtains he knew the front door was going to be hanging open cooling off the house as my camera captured this beautiful morning.

Back to the weekend but this weekend does not bring relaxation..... but I'm ready for my full calendar and can't wait to check things off my list.

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