Monday, December 5, 2016

Frosty Morning

I'm sure you've all seen these same frosty morning photos from me before but I cannot seem to hold myself back when this happens on a weekend and I have time to wander around in the cold in my pjs and boots.  

Pinterest searches bring sweet results to the outside decorating this year.  The last few years I've put lights up but I knew I wanted pine and some color.  All supplies were bought at the second hand store with a sweet 35% off too.  

A little stroll though the gardens finding any color that may be left.

Last year I got 2 pallet snowflakes from an amazing crafter couple.  I love them and what's better yet is I didn't make them so that means I can keep them.  Seems like everything I make is for someone else.

Guess I need something on the door now that I look at this photo.... I have never been a fan of wreaths so I better think of something else that would work.

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Oh my GOSH! Your 'frosty morning' pics are gorgeous! Where you are not a fan of wreaths, I am not a fan of fake greenery/flowers, but I'm going to re-think that. The frosted poinsettias are outstanding! LOVE IT!