Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Caiden 9 months

Caiden is 9 months already.  Time flies by so quickly when these little ones are in front of my lens every 3 months.  He's getting so strong and changing every time we see him.  He's standing up on furniture with big smiles when he does it and wanting to walk all.the.time.  

I love the trip-pod sitting when kids do it and he was that kid for 30 seconds....

Mr Hemmer

He did not like hats at.all but it's still cute.

Again not liking hats.... but look at them beautiful blue eyes begging me to help him take it off.

He was getting into this picture taken gig.  

And my favorite of the night.

The girls were here too with everyone else at Awana so they got into the action.  Melanie gave Andee the sweetest little kiss.  I think it was the only time Andee sat still :)  They will be best friends soon.

Everyone of the 8..... yes EIGHT grandchildren has their own personality and we LOVE them all.  Our house is getting smaller and smaller for the holidays but I wouldn't have it any.other.way.  

As my dad would say 
"I wish there were more"  
My dad is a wise man who loves kids surrounding him.  

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