Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sparkly trees = Engagement Picture Time

A few weeks ago we had some pretty frosty trees that sparkled, it was a Friday.  I was at work and got a text from Monica.  I think we should do engagement pictures today.  Of course I was up for that but our daylight or lack of daylight changed those plans.  I told her there would be another pretty day.  

It was this Saturday morning.  My eyes opened, I looked out the window like I do every morning and I jumped up and couldn't get to my phone fast enough.  

Picture day?


Adam has always loved one spot, Jason's trees.  These trees were planted when Adam was 5, and he helped.

They weren't as frosty as some of the other spots but Adam wanted some photos taken here.  

This is where Adam and Monica will walk when they say I do.

The morning light was pretty amazing.

This is the tree that Adam stood by for his graduation pictures.  They have both grown a bit since then.  

Of course taking pictures of Adam is always challenging, he's a goofball... ask him to snuggle and he smashes Monica's nose.

After a bit of clowning around he relaxes and since I was using my long lens I was pretty far away and they seemed to be able to have a moment enjoying this little bit of quiet time.

Since the trees weren't sparkly by the hunting cabin we went to the neighbors.

The frosty trees, the blue skies and the sunshine.... perfect

This is so them, they are in their element when they are outside, stocking hats on and enjoying the snow.  

The sky was bluer to the north and the trees looked whiter but them looking to the south wasn't good for the bright sun in their eyes so I placed them in the shadow of the trees....... but they were lost 

So I brought them out into the sunshine and told them not to look at me.  Perfect!!

Then the tall trees were pretty fun

and perfect for dancing.

Which creates natural smiles and natural poses.

A little pop of red within the white forest.

Exciting times for them and us......... 

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