Sunday, January 17, 2016

Painted Bathroom

How many times can you paint your bathroom?  

Painting rooms never gets old but the styles do..... and my bathroom's style was old, overused, overdue and ugly.  When John and I bought this house there was a bathroom in the kitchen.  Yep in the kitchen, it was a little room they made with a plastic folding door that was big enough for a shower stall, very small sink and a toilet that you had to sit sideways on.  

After a looooooong 5 years we finally remolded the downstairs bedroom into a bathroom and laundry room.  Way back then John did the work and the last couple years I've been complaining how I would like to re-do the entire room..... John agrees but he wants to hire it all out, I want us to do it... and with only 1 bathroom that could get pretty painful.     So it's been a standstill and I've refused to update it, who sees your bathroom anyway.  Duh, just about everyone who comes over...

 I can't take it anymore I had to paint and make it look pretty again.   

Left - UGLY and I didn't even realize it was that bad until I took this picture)

Middle - Old ceiling light fixture

Right - Walls are painted but deciding on vanity color

There was a window that looked to the west and when we added on our garage we didn't take the window out.  John put a mirror in the opening and then framed it out with shelves.  Which was perfect for lots of years.  Then one day John was hanging a coat rack in the garage and "POP" 

Oh yeah there is a mirror there behind this very thin board.  Screw came right through it.

Remember the mirror was put in first and then the shelves so replacing it meant tearing it all apart.  So being the creative type I found a piece of mirror and leaned it in front of the bad section and you could hardly notice.  

Left - Broken mirror (mirror is getting very dirty since cleaning this is very dangerous)
Right - Fixed with 3 boards painted white and cut to cover each opening

Walls are gray and the old outdated trim got a coat of white.  Haven't found a shower curtain yet so it's just the white liner for now which kinda works anyway.  

The color I decided to go with was an aqua blue (surprise).  I painted the vanity and mirror and then wanted to start pulling in the color a bit more.  All my hair products have been moved to a basket inside the vanity that I can pull out every morning and stash it away when I'm done.  Now my bins are pretty empty but I'm hoping to fill the little bottles in them with fresh flowers this summer.  There is something about fresh flowers in the bathroom.

Here are the before shots of the misc. items.  

And their after look. 

I had picked up this painting at a second hand store just because of the chunky frame.  People pay lots of money to have these framed in their day and then you can pick them up for under $10, it's crazy so I snatch them up no matter what happens to be inside the frame.  

John loved this painting and I kinda liked it to for some reason so I just painted the frame and kept the painting as is.  

I had a chippy painted box in the bathroom that I loved the colors that were popping through.  It was white with blue and yellow so that was my inspiration color.  I don't want much yellow in the room but just a bit here and there

A little closer view of that inspiration chippy paint.

This garbage can is amazing, I bought it for our family reunion this summer.  It was going to be one of the raffle items with fun stuff in it but I couldn't find the perfect things to put in it so it's been sitting in the garage.  

The color is Amy Howard Vintage Affliction with clear and dark wax.  I love it.  Some of these pictures make it look more blue and some more green.  Some were taken with the daylight and some were taken without..... in real life it's more blue.  

A few vintage canning jars in clear and white, if you don't have any white painted canning jars you're missing out.  

A white painted mirror

That's my bathroom update..... now onto the next room.

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Looks AWESOME! What did you do with the old light?