Monday, November 3, 2014

Little A's First BUCK

Jr got his first buck and he came to show his Grandma and Grandpa.  Of course you have to take pictures of the first deer..... and the 2nd and the 3rd and the 4th...... it never ends with hunters.  Jr is starting a bit young but he too cute to not share.

Grandpa and Uncle Ken I got a buck!!!   Uncle Ken will you gut it for me? 

Uncle Ken hears that a lot but of course he does it with the biggest grin ever.  One thing he likes more than shooting his own deer is being there when the next generations shoot theirs. 

Daddy teaching him how to tag it.

And then throw it on your tailgate and drive around town showing everyone your 6 pointer.

Are you ready for hunting?  These guys are.

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